PVC Sliding Systems

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PVC Sliding Systems Projects

İzmir  Sürme Sistemler

What is PVC Sliding System?

PVC is defined as Poly Vinyl Chloride and is one of the most important members of the Polymer family. The third most produced synthetic plastic in the world is Polymer. It is produced from PVC petrol and salt and is used in many products in our environment. For example; Children's toys, water collection and distribution pipes, bottles, bags, some sports equipment, some of the automobile products etc. It has many different application areas and uses in modern life.

PVC Sliding Systems

Many profiles and auxiliary materials included in the PVC Sliding Door and Window System have been specially designed with the aim of isolation, and the insulation is increased by including TPE gasket in the butt closure I butt joining profiles at the joints. In PVC Sliding Door and Window System; There are many solutions with the use of sliding casing, sliding molding casing, sliding casing with fly screen, three rail casing, fixed slide casing and fixed slide casing casing.

İzmir PVC Sürme Sistemler
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PVC Sliding System Advantages

The main reasons why PVC is used both as the basic material of many products we use and as a window / door profile system are as follows;

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